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Food Guru: Your Guide to Eating Right – a captivating book on Ayurvedic Wisdom that lives up to its name


Food Guru: Your Guide to Eating Right, authored by Dr. Rupali Panse is one of those rare books which offer authentic Ayurvedic content in a contemporary setting with over 130 recipes for mind and body health. Published by Neemtree Publishing House, Food Guru is much more than a recipe book with interesting insights on calories, food compatibility, diet etiquette, unique spice formulae, nutritional facts of ingredients and much more.  Though there is a growing awareness of nutrition and immunity, especially after the onset of Covid, the author observed that people found it difficult to make healthy choices as society continued to promote unhealthy options. Moreover, fancy diet trends, surplus information on social media and self-declared experts are contributing to this trend. Food Guru emerges as a must-have book that caters to the nutrition needs of an individual rather than creating a common dietary regime for all. As an Ayurvedic practioner and educator, Dr. Rupali Panse through this book has effectively removed complicated barriers like complex nutritional information, calorie measured food and difficult methods by presenting healthy, easy, and practical recipes to suit the modern-day taste preference. ‘Anyone can’ is the exclusive message of this book as it hand holds the reader to understand their body, its unique needs for nutrition and guide them towards wellness. 

Dr. Rupali Panse, author, Food Guru, said, “I am confident that this book will change the readers’ perspective towards food in a positive way. Once we understand the right and wrong aspects about nutrition, the next step will be the choice of food and method of cooking. With conscious nourishment being the sole of this book, I have handpicked recipes that are traditional, antiaging, restorative food for mind and body health. You will love all the recipes for its modern appeal, easily available ingredients, and simple cooking method.”  Speaking about the title of this book, she further elaborated, “Guru in Sanskrit means one who enlightens you in life, guides you to the right path and makes your journey purposeful. Food Guru truly lives up to its title. This book is a labour of love and is far from being another cook book. It is in fact a culmination of years of research and experience drawn from my ayurvedic way of life with a sole intention of making it your personal guide to eating right”! 

The book is a compilation of authentic ayurvedic theories and recipes for a global audience. Ayurveda being an ancient science is complex to understand and a layperson may miss the benefits. Through simple writing, the author unravels exotic recipes and insightful information from her rich knowledge of Ayurveda. The book is inventively divided into three sections. The reader can learn about holistic nutrition and apply the knowledge to daily culinary habits in the first section on Unlocking Ayurvedic Wisdom of Nutrition.  This section is followed by Wisdom in Action: Ayurveda Recipes and more wherein mouth-watering recipes are listed along with their health benefits. The author has cleverly saved the best for last in section 3 which is Know your Food Well: Nutritional Facts of Ingredients. Like the rest of the book, this section is touted to be a ready reckoner for those seeking knowledge on Grains, Millets, Seeds, Oil, Spices, Herbs etc. 

Dwitiya Sonawane, Founder, Neemtree Publishing House, said, “We decided to publish this book in order to promote and popularize authentic, ancient Indian food wisdom of Ayurveda across the world. This is probably the first book of its kind which tries to bring Ayurveda based nutrition principles into mainstream.”

Food Guru: Your Guide to Eating Right makes for an interesting read for all those who aim to lead a healthy life. In addition to people of all age groups including home cooks who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle, this book can be a treasure trove of information for vegans, followers of sattvic diet, medical practioners, students learning Ayurveda and research scholars. Edited by Rohini S. Murthy, Food Guru: Your Guide to Eating Right is currently available on Amazon and Granthpremi(https://granthpremi.com/products/food-guru-your-guide-to-eating-right)

About the Author:

Rupali Panse is a renowned Ayurveda Doctor from India, the birth land of Yoga and Ayurveda. Currently settled in Orlando, Florida, USA, she continues her legacy of 20+years of Ayurveda, Panchakrama and Nutrition practice. Associated with prominent universities both in Indian and abroad, she is an active educator and propagator of Ayurveda for body mind wellness. As a blogger, author, and educator, she has mentored thousands of her clients and students globally to bring mindful changes in lifestyle and diet. She has previously authored several Ayurveda books in Marathi. Food Guru is her debut book in English.

About Neemtree Publishing House:

Neemtree Publishing House is a progressive platform for both new and established authors, fearlessly embracing relevant and bold topics that are essential for today’s world. It provides the opportunity for impactful storytelling that challenges and resonates with readers.


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