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Marketing—what has changed? How are businesses thriving amid the heavy competition.


Digital Marketing is slowly earning a reputation of it’s own, will it soon outwit the offline strategies of marketing, or has it already?

In a time like today, businesses either flourish within months or drop down the scales of success within even lesser time. Digital Marketing is a term that has been circulating in the market since past few years and one that has caught up in the market at a high reputation. Reports regarding consumer behavior have showing an extensively positive trend when it comes to digital marketing. According to sources digital advertising spending is forecasted to reach $602.25 billion in 2023. When talking about 2026, 69% of the overall advertisement spending will be generated via smartphones.
We’re no longer at a stage where gradual and eventual growth can lay a steadfast foundation in the market. Marketing is the new tactic.


Social Media Marketing :

Reports show that Facebook and Google Ads have the highest ROI Rate in paid advertising. The two platforms show distinct imprints in the corporate market. Google Ads are generally pertained towards sales maximization, whereas Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are focused on creating brand awareness. Simply put, Social Media’s prime purpose is to promote branding for businesses. The social media marketing sector is worth $160 billion and is projected to reach $223 billion by the start of 2023. As the popularity of this method has gained recognition, businesses are allocating 15% of their total marketing budget towards just social media marketing. Corporates use the fact that over 4.2 billion people are on social media to the best of their advantage.

Influencer Marketing has become a trademark for reputable businesses. It has been seen in various statistical reports that micro-influencers rate a higher ROI than Insta-celebs since these influencers are able to provide businesses a targeted audience at a much cheaper rate. However, finding the right influencer still remains a task.

TIKTOK is the fastest growing social media with already 1 billion users within just 7 years and many businesses have begun building a name on the platform. One such notable business that managed to develop a GenZ fanbase all while maintaining their brand identity is—Duolingo. They have gained remarkable recognition on ticktok because of their regular online presence and humorous and engaging content. Though these marketing strategies may see “weird” to a conventional marketer, Duolingo has managed to grab the attention of millions, thus being able to conclude as a successful business.

Email Marketing:

Forget popularity, email marketing has become a crucial element when it comes to Digital Marketing. It is stated that every $1 spent on email marketing has an ROI of about $36, which accounts to around 3600% returns. On an average, 4.14 billion people use e-mails every day. Since this form of marketing has become mobile-friendly, users are spending more time on opening mails, and apparently, 46% of customers prefer to be contacted by brands through email.

SEO/ Search Engine Optimization Marketing:

It’s an official fact that SEO generates the highest ROI, with nearly 50% of business owners stating that most of their leads are generated through SEO Marketing. SEO is the base to marketing any product regardless of how much you spend on Advertising. If the people who visit your page via ad campaigns are unhappy with your site, you can expect a lesser probability of closing deals with them. Prompting leads and traffic through this source is the best bet for any business who wants to succeed, because SEO Marketing is entirely organic. To thrive in the market using organic tools requires time, genuineness, efficacy and quality.

In conclusion, marketing in the 21st century is an art that requires extreme skill, talent, effort, and professionalism. As competition increases, scope also increases, however, it entirely depends on the tactics of the business owner when it comes to playing in the market. You can either win and gain, or lose and learn. It’s a cycle: No one gains without losing, and no one loses without learning.


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